Spin class anyone?

Two words have radically helped me to lose my baby weight:  spin class.  My mom and I have attended a spin class together twice a week for the past 3 years!  This appointment has gotten me out of bed and on to a bike.  I could never do it so consistently on my own.  I have to pick up my mom so I show up.  If we flake out, we have to call our instructor and she gives us the third degree about missing.  The accountability keeps us going. 

Hot Tip for Moms:  Get accountable.  Pick a class and stick to it.  Have a partner to pick up or who’s coming to get you.  Get an instructor on board.  Make appointments for fitness in your calendar like you would a dentist or doctor’s appointment.  It’s just as or even more important for your health! 


2 Responses

  1. My names Jen and I was wondering if spinning was really good for you weightloss wise. A women came into my work today and asked me if I was pregnant and let me just tell you I am certainly not and dont plan on being this way unitl at least after college lol, so you can imagine how insulted and sad I was. But I was really looking so lose about 35-40 pounds and was wondering if this would be the way to go and/or if you had any any tips. I would really appreciate anything you have to say lol.
    Thank YOU!

  2. Thanks so much for your comments. Sometimes the bad experiences we have (like the person’s comment about if you were pregnant) can be salvaged for something good. You are young and have many great days ahead of you. You can lose the weight if you really want to. I would suggest making small changes that you can keep (versus drastic changes that only last a few weeks). Drink less soda or none at all. Skip dessert every other day, etc. About Spin class, YES! Spinning is great for losing weight. It’s a great cardio workout. I know a woman who has lost 20 pounds in the last year by attending spin class and also by eating more healthy. What you eat is really important. You can work out all the time but still not lose the weight if you’re eating too many calories.

    Be encouraged – you can do it Jen!

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