Spice Up Your Marriage with Exercise


My husband and I are coming up on our anniversary.  He’s my dream come true and I could not be more blessed.  Two thoughts come to mind about love and losing weight. 

1.  If you lose weight, your husband will appreciate it.  Men are highly visual and he does care about your appearance, even though he might never tell you so.  He knows to pick his battles wisely! 

2.  Remember those Kegel exercises for childbirth?  Well, after delivery, it’s great to still do Kegels and get that pelvic floor strong again for future pregnancies, and for your sex life.  Have strong pelvic floor muscles will help you be more sexually responsive and that’s good for a marriage too! 

Hot Tip for Moms:  Do your Kegels.  Check out my website for an articles about Kegels: http://www.losingweightafterbaby.com/article_content.php?id=156


4 Responses

  1. […] Spice Up Your Marriage with Exercise […]

  2. […] Spice Up Your Marriage with Exercise […]

  3. […] Spice Up Your Marriage with Exercise […]

  4. For 4 years, I didn’t exercise and got pregnant by surprise. Well my husband asked me numerous times to lose weight and I would start and stop.

    Now he’s told me even though I’m due in 3 weeks this is my last chance. He will not resist temptation and as a result we will separate if I don’t exercise.

    I will exercise so as not to lose my marriage or my son. But I probably won’t look at my husband in the same way again.

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