Bring Your Lunch to Work and Lose Weight


If you work outside the home, you have one temptation everyday to overcome. To go out to eat for lunch. When you go to a restaurant, chances are you’ll eat a 1,000+ calorie meal. Not the best thing to do if you want to lose weight. Fast food? Well, even the healthy options aren’t the best. Instead, make it a habit to bring your lunch.

Yes, it takes more effort to prepare a lunch, but you will not only lose inches, you will save money. Also, when you pack your lunch, you have control over what you eat. When the food in your bag is gone, it’s time to stop eating. It’s that simple. You have total control about how many calories you are consuming and you don’t leave it to chance.

When I’m working, here’s a sample of what food I pack:
Apple and cheese
Trail mix
Peanut butter sandwich on wheat bread
Snap peas

Hot Tip for Moms: Scale back on fast food and going out to restaurants. Make it a habit to prepare a lunch when you’re out so you’re not left with poor nutritional choices when you’re starving at 1:00 pm.


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