Can I still eat for pleasure?

I’m reading Mireille Guillano’s terrific book, French Women Don’t Get Fat: The Secret of Eating for Pleasure.  How’s that for a great title?  I want to know how to eat for pleasure and still stay thin.  One thing I have learned so far:  choose your pleasures wisely.   Don’t fill up on a bag of chips you don’t really enjoy.  Skip the chips and eat one piece of dark chocolate that sends you to the moon.  Pick your pleasures and really savor them.  Be choosy about wasted calories.  You may not need to completely deprive yourself after all.  You just have to learn how to make wise choices and balance out your calories throughout the day. 

No more closet eating habits (you know, when you’re leaning into your pantry hoping no one will catch you with your hand in the cookie jar).  Indulge in the open; enjoy the fine pleasure of food and friends – but only once in a while when you’re losing weight after baby. 


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