Help My Child Swallowed a Coin

Yes, this weekend, my 3-year-old who we thought for sure knew better swallowed a coin.  Here’s what happened:

He was playing at grandpa’s house and they had all sorts of coins out pretending they were cookies.  They pretended to bake them and eat them (yes, you see where this is going).  In a flash, Ethan had put either a nickel or quarter in his mouth and swallowed.  He didn’t choke or anything.  My dad couldn’t believe he had done it.  It happened so fast which leads me to think it was a nickel, cause how do you down a quarter???

It’s been two days and we haven’t seen the coin on the flip side (ha ha).  Ethan seems totally normal.  Any advice out there from moms who have had this experience?  How long did it take for the coin to come out?  The doctor says it could be 1-2 weeks.  I’d love to have your advice! 

Hot Tip for Moms:  No matter how hungry you are, don’t eat money. 


Easter without the Chocolate Easter Bunny

It doesn’t matter if chocolate is shaped like a bunny, egg, basket or chicken – this weekend, it’s time for restraint!  Just like bunnies multiply, the chocolate in your life will multiply too.  From getting Easter baskets ready for the children in your life, to Easter egg hunts, to Easter dinner – get ready to be surrounded by chocolate!

Here’s my advice moms as you continue to lose weight after baby (or at least MAINTAIN during the Easter festivities) – choose your Easter treat wisely.  Don’t just fall for popping in a peep, unless peeps are your total favorite!

You might think they’re gross, but I love Cadbury creme eggs.  So I will have one at Easter and enjoy it 🙂  But I’ll skip the other stuff. 

What will you enjoy this Easter?  Leave a comment and we’ll see which Easter treat is our favorite.

Have a blessed Easter holiday!   

Guilt-Free Frozen Dessert

After meals, you may be craving something sweet.  But alas, no cake, ice cream or cookies can help you with weight loss.  Enter the frozen fruit.  Try eating frozen fruits for dessert.  Grapes, blueberries, strawberries and bananas are my favorite.  When you eat a frozen grape, imagine you’re having sorbet.  They are actually quite satisfying and fun to eat.  Put them in a pretty glass bowl with a mint leaf and it actually looks artistic. 

Bananas aren’t as pretty but they taste delicious frozen.  They really do!  Adjust your expectations of dessert and enjoy some frozen treats that are completely guilt-free! 

Today’s Action Step:  When you crave something sweet, reach for a frozen fruit. 


Looking Good Even Without Your Clothes On

I wrote an article on my website titled, “Me, Look Good Naked?”  As moms living in a postpartum body, we can feel a bit uncomfortable in our own skin.  Many women wonder where they can go for a new body minus the cottage cheese legs and tummy folds thanks to baby.  When you don’t feel confident about your body, it affects your love life with your husband.

A mom emailed me about the article.  She was feeling discouraged about having sex with her husband because of all the weight she still has to lose.  But after reading the article, she was encouraged by the reminder that her husband loves her and wants to have an intimate relationship with her, no matter what her shape or size.

Remember moms, a negative body image robs you and your family from realizing the beautiful person you are.  Accept where you are with grace, and push yourself to become healthier and more attractive with discipline. 

Find out more about overcoming disdain for your body and celebrating lovemaking with your husband, even if the lights are on.  Read “Me, Look Good Naked?” and other weight loss articles for yourself at