Looking Good Even Without Your Clothes On

I wrote an article on my website http://www.losingweightafterbaby.com titled, “Me, Look Good Naked?”  As moms living in a postpartum body, we can feel a bit uncomfortable in our own skin.  Many women wonder where they can go for a new body minus the cottage cheese legs and tummy folds thanks to baby.  When you don’t feel confident about your body, it affects your love life with your husband.

A mom emailed me about the article.  She was feeling discouraged about having sex with her husband because of all the weight she still has to lose.  But after reading the article, she was encouraged by the reminder that her husband loves her and wants to have an intimate relationship with her, no matter what her shape or size.

Remember moms, a negative body image robs you and your family from realizing the beautiful person you are.  Accept where you are with grace, and push yourself to become healthier and more attractive with discipline. 

Find out more about overcoming disdain for your body and celebrating lovemaking with your husband, even if the lights are on.  Read “Me, Look Good Naked?” and other weight loss articles for yourself at http://www.losingweightafterbaby.com/article_content.php?id=167



5 Responses

  1. My wife started visiting gym after our baby was born. It helped her to lose weight. I think cardio exercises are better for women than different diet plans etc.

  2. I must say, this article and the one above (looking good for your husband) have 2 very different tones. HOw can I feel good about my body when you just told me my husband may not be attracted to me because of my weight? discouraging.

  3. I’m sorry if the articles discouraged you. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. I think of it as a sometimes strange tension between (1) being content in your own skin and (2) striving to become healthier and more attractive for yourself and your husband.

  4. Hi, what a special site you have. I found it on Bing while looking for some newborn baby stuff. Thanks and best wishes.

  5. I’m so glad you found the blog! I hope you enjoy visiting and thank you so much for the comment!

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