Easter without the Chocolate Easter Bunny

It doesn’t matter if chocolate is shaped like a bunny, egg, basket or chicken – this weekend, it’s time for restraint!  Just like bunnies multiply, the chocolate in your life will multiply too.  From getting Easter baskets ready for the children in your life, to Easter egg hunts, to Easter dinner – get ready to be surrounded by chocolate!

Here’s my advice moms as you continue to lose weight after baby (or at least MAINTAIN during the Easter festivities) – choose your Easter treat wisely.  Don’t just fall for popping in a peep, unless peeps are your total favorite!

You might think they’re gross, but I love Cadbury creme eggs.  So I will have one at Easter and enjoy it 🙂  But I’ll skip the other stuff. 

What will you enjoy this Easter?  Leave a comment and we’ll see which Easter treat is our favorite.

Have a blessed Easter holiday!   


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