When Yelling is Good

Today I was in spin class with my mom.  Our spin instructor is a certified personal trainer and can be intimidating until you get to know her.  She’s competed in body building and is one tough lady. 

Well as usual, she was yelling at us, “PUSH!  PEDAL!  GIVE ME ALL YOU’VE GOT!  LET’S GET MOVING PEOPLE!”  And the thought struck me, this is the kind of yelling that is good.  Believe me, when I walked into spin this morning, I did not feel like working out.  It’s that time of the month and I just feel like eating chocolate!  But as our instructor yelled at us, I obeyed.  I pedaled.  I pushed.  I sweat and gave it everything I had.  Imagine if she had yelled, “JUST QUIT!  YOU’RE TIRED, GIVE UP!”  I probably would have done that instead. 

What thoughts are shouting in your head?  “Give up, you’ll never lose your baby weight!” or “Hang in there mom and keep pushing.  You can do it!”

Well listen up mom while I yell in your ear, “You are awesome!  You’re reading this blog and you care about your health.  You can lose weight for yourself and your family!” 


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