New Videos for Moms

Want to know what the roller derby, racing, and bathing suits have to do with losing weight after baby?  Check out the new video pages on my website  I hope you’ll enjoy these video tips for losing weight, many of which include my accountability group (my toddler and baby!). 

Speaking of video, have you taken any videos or photos of yourself recently?  If not, I would highly encourage you to do so.  As you lose your desired weight in the next few weeks and months, you’ll want an old photo to compare to.  I know the thought of taking a photograph may be about as appealing as a root canal, but you’ll thank me down the road when you have great before and after pictures. 

Today’s Action Step:  Take a picture of yourself if you don’t have a recent one.  Mark it with the date and use it as motivation to lose weight in coming weeks and months.  Fill in this sentence for yourself:  When I take another picture 3 months from now, I will weigh ____ lbs. 



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