Patience and Mr. Wonderful

There are a lot of things in this world that require patience, and losing weight after baby is definitely one of them!  Like the saying goes, nine months on, nine months off.  It took me about 6 months to get the weight off after my last pregnancy.  Many days, I thought, “I’ve been exercising like a fiend!  Why can’t I zip these jeans yet!?”  Do you know the feeling?  Patience, my friend.  The prize goes to the tortoise, not the hare, remember? 

Another thing that required a lot of patience in my life was waiting for Mr. Wonderful to waltz into my life.  I’m blessed because the wait was definitely worth it!  I wrote about meeting my husband on Ungrind, a wonderful Christian webzine for women.  I hope you will enjoy the article. 

Today’s Action Step:  Take a deep breath.  If you’re frustrated about your weight loss, remember to be patient with yourself.  Set small doable goals and don’t give up!


Now Available: Camouflage Baby Onesies

For months, I have wanted to design a camouflage onesie for baby boys and girls that said “MAJOR MIRACLE.”  I thought these would be so cute for anyone who’s had trouble having a baby like me, physical challenges, military families, and so many others who would say, “My baby is a miracle!” 

So I’m thrilled to announce the baby onesies are available on my website.  I also have them availabe in “COMMANDER IN CHIELF” which is sure to make you smile!  Please check it out and tell your friends about them.  The onesies make great baby gifts.  The models are my daughter and Tracy’s son (she was featured on my last podcast).   You can see Tracy’s son wearing his Major Miracle onesie in my previous post. 


Muffin Tops and Bomb Squads

If you want to find out what muffin tops and bomb squads have to do with losing weight after baby, you’re invited to listen to my weekly podcast.   In this week’s podcast, I interview Tracy (pictured above) and learn her secret of shedding those pregnancy pounds.  You’ll find out what a muffin top is, and how a bomb squad fits into her life.  By the way, isn’t her son adorable?   

Tracy is one of those inspiring women who exudes life so you won’t want to miss her great tips.  You’ll be encouraged for sure, especially if you’re a single mom or have a husband who’s deployed. 

You Are What Your Child Eats

If you have a toddler or a baby who’s eating solids, I know one thing about you.  When your child eats half of their sandwich, you quickly shove the other half in your mouth as you clean up the table.  Whatever your child is snacking on, you are too.  So if you’re feeding your baby or toddler whole grain breads, fruit, chicken and vegetables, you’re golden!  But if they’re getting lots of chips, crackers, white breads, and junk food – you’re both in trouble! 

You know the old adage:  You are what you eat.  Well, for the mom of young ones it could say:  You are what your child eats.  Make sure you’re making the healthiest choices available for your little ones and that will help you to lose the baby weight much faster. 

Today’s Action Step:  Look at what you’re feeding your baby or toddler.  Be selective and choose healthy foods today.  Then you’ll have leftovers that won’t add inches to your waistline. 

Those Skinny Europeans!

While vacationing in Yosemite National Park, I was in a long, slow moving line for the bathroom. While waiting, I noticed a group of women ahead of me. It didn’t take long to notice two things about them: they were from Europe and they were skinny. They looked fit, healthy and vibrant. What do the Europeans know that Americans don’t? Maybe one of their secrets could be found in one of the ladies’ hands. She was holding a raw carrot stick.

Not a 100-calorie snack pack of cookies. Not a bag of potato chips. A carrot.

Let me ask you a question. If I saw you in line snacking, what would be in your hand? If there was a 24-hour survellience camera zoomed in on you, what list of foods would the camera capture? A convicting thought for sure!

So when it’s time to reach for a snack, think of those skinny Europeans and grab a nice juicy fruit or vegetable.  Go carrots!