My 3 year old toddler has radar!  No matter what I put in my mouth, he has this uncanny ability to ask me 2 seconds later, “What are you eating mommy?”  Sometimes I even pretend that I’m not eating, pausing mid-chew, but he still says, “I know something’s in there.”  He could be in a totally different part of the house, but somehow he knows when I’m snacking.  And he’s all about snacking!

So, when he catches me eating watermelon or soybeans, I very proudly say what I’m having and I offer him some.  But of course there are other times, when I have popped a chocolate square in my mouth, or a cookie (even though it was oatmeal!). 

I must admit, my son has helped keep me honest in my snacking!  What have you been snacking on lately mom, and are your snacks nutritious enough for your kids to eat?  That’s a great litmus test! 

To read the top six nutritional mistakes moms make with their children, check out my article “Whatcha Eating Mom?” on my website. 

Today’s Action Step:  Snack smart!  Choose nutritious food you’d be proud to serve your children when your health conscious friends are watching. 


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