Dive In!

For my family, the 4th of July weekend means we will be going SWIMMING!  And swimming means what moms?  We will be putting on bathing suits!

Now this can be a traumatic time for any mother of a baby!  If you have some anxiety about putting on that bathing suit, here are a few thoughts to hopefully encourage you:

1. Choose a bathing suit that is most flattering to your figure. This may be your maternity swimsuit. Use a cover up when you’re not in the pool. A sarong wrap that ties around your waist and covers up that post-baby belly works great.

2. Don’t focus on the way your body looks. Focus on having fun with your friends and family! Remember that almost every woman in the pool or on the beach feels conscious about her body too!

3. Set a goal for yourself to get back into your pre-baby bathing suit. Why not use that pesky bathing suit as incentive? It may take several months, but make it your goal to put your old bathing suit on next season. Here’s a video tip I made about this and you can see me in my old bathing suit.

You can get in your old one too with some work and determination!  Dive in with both feet moms!

Today’s Action Step:  How many pounds do you have to lose to get into your old bathing suit?  Set a reasonable goal (maybe dropping 2 pounds a week) and set a goal date to get back in your swimsuit.  Even if it’s in the dead of winter, you will be proud of yourself when you can put it back on! 


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