Longing for Something Better

My husband and I recently joined LA Fitness, a gym near our home.  What has surprised me the most is how fit most of the people in the gym are.  I go to spin class and look around me, and I feel like a weakling.  These women have such toned muscles. 

Another day, I saw a woman working out with long planks she had put on risers.  She was hopping on and off of them like she was superwoman.  Then she took the jump rope and it moved so quickly, I couldn’t believe me eyes.  I probably had the most dumbfounded look on my face as I watched her exercise. 

Now, when we see people who are better than us, more fit than us, it can be discouraging.  You may think, “Oh, I’ll never be like that.  That’s why I avoid the gym like the plague because I feel so inadequate in there.”  But do you know how I like to look at it?  These women are going to push me to exercise harder.  When I see a toned woman, I think, “Why can’t I look like that?  I better try to do a little more weight this time or work harder on the cardio machines.” 

When you see someone who is your ideal body type, why don’t you ask her what she does and follow in her footsteps?  Break through negative thinking and long for something better.  Then get moving!


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