What Would You Be Caught Eating?

My 3-year old has radar.  He knows exactly when I’m eating, even if I try stealthily to grab a snack when he’s not looking.  He always want to have what I’m having unless it’s a vegetable.  The other day, I had just popped one piece of chocolate in my mouth while he was racing his cars.  A minute later, I was playing with him and he asked, “What’s that smell?  I smell chocolate.”  Man!  Can’t get anything past him!

What would you be caught eating on a regular basis?  Try to make it the kind of food you would be proud to serve your children.  Of course, you will have occasional treats, but for the most part, choose healthy snacks that you would eat freely in front of your children, doctor, or healthiest friend.

My husband just called up “Whatcha eating snicky-snacky?” because he heard me munching at the computer.  Thankfully, it was a bunch of grapes!


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