No One is Staring at the Gym

It’s hard to feel confident about your body with those extra wiggles and jiggles that come with being a new mom.  And getting to the gym?  Yipes, that would mean people actually looking at you in workout clothes!

If you’ve ever struggled with body image and staring at your frame in the big mirrors at the gym, you need to listen to my last podcast with personal trainer Judy Walden.  Judy trains women at a spa and fitness center in San Diego.  She will help you overcome negative thoughts about going to the gym.  After listening, you will actually want to go! 

Rest assured…when you get up the nerve and finally figure out how to get to the gym with your baby’s schedule, no one will be staring at you.  No one is going to think, “Wow, what is she doing here?”  No, every other woman is too busy obsessing over what she looks like!  So relax.  No one is staring at you.  Let the gym be your personal retreat to do something for yourself.  And by getting healthier, you’ll be giving your family a gift that money can’t buy!


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