Pedometers, Zoos and You

You’ve got kids which means you probably want to lose a few of those baby pounds.  One suggestion for this week: plan an outdoor activity that involves a lot of walking with your kids.  For us that means a trip to the Zoo!

I put my pedometer on my shorts shortly after I woke up (Did I just write “shorts shortly”?  Sounds like a kids book title about getting dressed!).  Anyway…we walked from the parking lot, then to the flamingos, the elephants, and then as we were leaving the meerkats, I heard this crash!  And my little pedometer had fallen down and was all broken apart.  But I could still read the steps: 6047 steps.  And guess what?  That was only about one-third into our visit to the Zoo. 

10,000 steps a day is a great goal for healthy moms, so plan an outing this week that will force you to walk and exercise (but not notice!).  Enjoy the scenery around you, go towards a destination, keep your kids active, and all of you will be the healthier.  And before you know it, with little effort, your pedometer will read 10,000 steps plus! 

P.S. Okay, you may get a little tired on the journey.  Like my kids in this picture.


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