Help, My High School Reunion is Coming!

My high school reunion is just in a few days.  I am excited to see old friends and catch up after all these years.  Most of all, I’m so thankful because I look back on these two decades, all I see is God’s goodness to my life.  My husband, children, jobs, etc have surpassed my expectations!  And believe it or not, I’m thinner now than I was in college, thanks to my husband who pushed me into the gym several years ago!

Reunions are great incentive to lose weight aren’t they?  I’ve skipped a few snacks and treats this week in anticipation of the big event.  If you’ve got a reunion or another event coming up, why not use it as motivation to eat better and exercise today? 

I did a Losing Weight After Baby podcast about losing some extra weight before your next reunion or big event.  It’s called “Help, My High School Reunion is Coming!” and you can check it out in the archives here.  Just click on “archives,” the show originally was released in April of 2008. 

Happy listening and I’ll let you know how the reunion goes!


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