Saved from the Mud Run!

Look at these pictures from the San Diego Mud Run ( ) Can you see me doing this?  Let me help you with the toughies.  First of all, I don’t like running.  Second of all, I hate getting dirty.  So how did my husband talk me into preparing for the San Diego Mud Run, coming up on November 16th?  It’s all in the name of doing something fun as a married couple.

I remember while we were still dating, we jumped into the Atlantic ocean together, totally immersed with our clothes on.  We were dating and in love, we didn’t care!  I look back on a picture from that day and wonder if I’m losing my spontaneity.  So when my husband asked me to do the Mud Run with him, I said yes!  For the sake of making a hilarious memory together! 


I’ve been running on the treadmill to prepare for the gross, muddy day.  It’s actually been good to have a goal to train for.  (Hint, this is a great way to lose weight moms!  Enter a contest/race/fun run/bike ride/walk that you have to train for. 

Well, believe it or not, my husband has injured his heel and we are NOT going to the Mud Run this year!  So for the most part, I am RELIEVED…I get to postpone the grime and greasiness of the Mud Run for another year.  But I admit, it’s been fun to think about, train for, and laugh about.  Is there something that you and your husband can do together to make a memory and lose some pounds in the process? 

Photos courtesy of The San Diego Mud Run.  If you want to check it out for yourself, visit


5 Responses

  1. Just a note…Camp Pendelton has a 10K mud run in June! I’ve done it 2x now and it’s hard, but fun. A great thing to train for. It’s going to be my post-baby goal for 2009 🙂 Think about it…. !!!

  2. Go Corrina! That is awesome. Good for you and yes I’ll think about it!

  3. We just concluded our Spiring Edition of the San Diego Mud Run. Awesome!! photos at or

  4. WE just concluded the 2009 San Diego Mud Run *Spring Edition* . It was awesome!! pix at or

  5. Next event in November!!

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