Hey San Diegans…Want Free Ice Cream?

ice-cream-cones210Yes, I know…what am I doing offering free ice cream to moms who want to lose weight?  Well, you don’t have to eat it yourself. 

My readers have a special opportunity to enter the monthly Seaport Village photo/video contest during the month of November.  All you have to do is submit a photo or video to their contest and you will automatically win 2 coupons for free Ben & Jerry’s ice cream cones good at Seaport Village. 

That’s right, just for entering!  But this sweet treat is only available for the first 10 readers who respond.  Here’s what to do:

1.  Visit the Seaport Village blog

2.  Upload a video or photo you’ve taken at Seaport Village

3.  Enter the keyword “Arlene” in your photo/video title 

Voila!  Just by entering (for the first 10 to respond), you’ll get free ice cream cone coupons.  There is a light version of the ice cream that’s not as fattening…

And if you win the contest, you’ll receive Sunday Brunch for two at the Manchester Grand Hyatt’s Sally’s Restaurant.  The deadline for entry is December 1st. 

Further directions for uploading photos and videos can be found at www.seaportvillage.com

Good luck and I look forward to voting for your photo or video to win the Seaport Village contest! 


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  1. Free ice cream? Score!

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