row-water-210Right now as I’m sitting at the computer, I am thirsty!  I’m staring at an empty glass on my desk and it hits me.  I need to write about water! 

If you are trying to lose weight (or just be more healthy), drinking water is such a lifesaver.  Water is so good for you, it’s free, and you’ll never get fat for drinking it.  Now, what else could you want from a beverage?

My husband and I laugh at how much money we have saved through the years because we never order soda or alcohol at restaurants.  We’re hard core water drinkers! 

When you feel hungry, try drinking a glass of water first.  Whether it’s at snack time or meal time, water will help you feel fuller and many times, you think your body is hungry when actually you just need something to drink.

Are you addicted to diet Coke or frappucino at Starbucks?  I challenge you to see how many days in a row you can go without your favorite drinks and just have water instead.  And you’ll find yourself losing some weight in the process because drinks can be very caloric!


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