How to Have a Guilt Free Thanksgiving

turkey-holiday210Thanksgiving is just two days away!  The delicious smells of turkey, yams and pumpkin pie will be filling the kitchen very soon.  It all sounds great…except you are still trying to lose that baby weight.  How can you enjoy the holiday without gaining 3 pounds by Friday?

Check out my article on my website titled, “Guilt Free Thanksgiving” for 5 specific things to do to minimize damage to your waistline this Thanksgiving.

Yes, food is a wonderful and memorable part of Thanksgiving.  But even more important is giving thanks in your heart.  Take time to concentrate on the blessings of your family, your baby, your home, your friends and God’s love.  Your heart will be so full of gratitude that you’ll be able to say no to that second helping without feeling slighted! 

I’m thankful for you this week!  Thank you for being part of my blog family and I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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