Hello Princess!

I found the neatest website I had to share with you!  It’s www.madeupmemories.com and it will bring a smile to your face this Christmas season! 

It’s a site where you can upload your child’s photo into a  video storybook for free.  You can choose between a princess book, non-stop comic strip about a super hero who battles spaghetti, or a holiday spoof on “it” toys like Tickle Me Elmo.  The stories are wonderfully illustrated and it’s really easy to use.

You just upload your child’s photo and your video story is done by the time you head to the restroom and back.  Then you can email it to your family and friends.  I think it’s most special for your kids, as they see themselves in the storybook.  Their name appears in it – it’s really cute! 

I did the princess video for my daughter and I’m about to do the toy one for my son, because whatever she gets, he wants!  Sound familiar?

Enjoy your free customized video storybook featuring your child.  It’s a great holiday memory to send to family and friends.  Try it at www.madeupmemories.com and tell me what you think!


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