Win a Free eBook to Keep Off That Holiday Weight

Christmas bells are ringing, children are singing, and we’re…eating! 

We all know that holidays equal baking, treats, office parties, etc. and our waistlines definitely take a hit! 

So just leave a comment today about your biggest holiday food temptation.  Is it flavored coffee at Starbucks, your neighbor’s cookies, or all those chocolates at Costco?  One of you will win my eBook, Bye Bye Baby Fat on Monday to help you offset that temptation! 



3 Responses

  1. My biggest downfall is probably pop. I don’t like diet pop, but I love regular pop. If I could stop drinking pop, it’d be so much easier to get fit.

  2. Christmas cookies of course. I make tons of cookies every year for Santa and to give away as gifts.

  3. Yes, cookies are my downfall too! I’m not a very good cook/baker, so I mostly am a cookie magnet at these Christmas parties!

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