Take the Steps!

This morning I had a doctor’s appointment.  It was crowded so I found myself weaving higher and higher in the parking structure until I parked on the 4th level.  Now usually I would take the elevator (especially with the kids) but I was by myself.  I decided to take the stairs down.  Going downstairs wasn’t hard, but when I came back from the appointment and went UP the stairs.  Now that was a little more challenging!

When you can, make those small lifestyle changes.  Take the stairs instead of the elevator.  Whenever you have the choice to move or be sedentary, choose movement.  This kind of lifestyle will help you lose weight. 

Before I took the stairs, I was really sleepy in the car.  But after walking up and down the stairs, I felt much more alert.  Your body will reward you for exercising! 

So if you eat a Christmas cookie, make sure you…take the stairs!!!


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