Like Mother, Like Daughter

noelle-brushing-teeth1This morning, I was brushing my teeth and my 2 year old bounced in and exclaimed, “ME TOO!”  Then she ran in her bathroom and waited until I followed her, to help her reach her toothbrush.  Then she went back in my bathroom and proceeded to brush her teeth in the exact same spot that I had been brushing mine.

Like mother, like daughter!

It amazes me how much our kids want to be just like us when they are young.  If my husband has a short sleeved shirt on, my son wants the exact same thing.  It just reminds me that they are watching how we eat, exercise and live.  They WILL follow our example.  This can be a scary thing or a great thing!

Are you eating and exercise habits something you are proud to pass on to your children?  If so, carry on!  If not, make some small changes now and in the New Year to improve.  For our family, this means working more vegetables into our daily meals and snacks.  What does it mean for your family? 

If you need some help making healthy changes, try my audio course, Losing Weight After Baby: 31 Days to a New You.  Money back guaranteed!



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