How to Get Your Kids to Eat Vegetables

My kids have some great healthy habits like drinking water and milk (not sugary juices and never soda).  They eat a lot of fruit and don’t eat candy.  But they also don’t eat vegetables. 

So one of my New Year’s resolutions is to eat and serve more fresh veggies to my family.  I knew I was headed the right direction yesterday when my 4 year old looked at his chicken and broccoli casserole with great disdain.  He said with great emotion, “I don’t like when you serve this!  I want something that looks better!”  And I knew!  I was making strides in the right direction.  No longer bullied or intimidated by the cries of my preschooler, I WILL serve vegetables this year!  He didn’t eat much and that’s what I served again the next day.  In time (and when he gets hungry), he’ll get the hang of it! 

So don’t be afraid to serve up those veggies, even if your kids don’t eat them at first.  I’ll let you know when my son actually eats the casserole without any problems!  Hopefully that will happen before summertime! 

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