Day 3 – Maximizing Your Wardrobe

skinny-girl-in-jeans-300Is fitting into your skinny jeans just an empty pipe dream? 

Remember skinny jeans doesn’t mean they are a size 4.  Your skinny jeans may be a size 12.  Whatever the size, you know what a healthy goal would be for you. 

Finding things to wear while you’re trying to lose weight can be frustrating.  Things are too tight and it’s hard to feel attractive in elastic waist pants.  But I want to encourage you – don’t give in and buy all new clothes in your current size.  Keep working to get back into the skinny jeans that live in your closet.   They will see the light of day again! 

There’s even a music CD to help you stay motivated.  Check it out at  It’s a lot of fun! 


lwab-audio-cover-135Today’s tip is from Arlene’s audio course, Losing Weight After Baby: 31 Days to a New You.

Try it risk free and experience the breakthrough month you’ve been longing for.  It just takes five minutes a day!


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