Day 9 – The Power of Visualization

toned-body-275When you think of a dream body, maybe a cover model’s figure comes to mind.  But that’s hardly realistic for the average woman! 

So instead of thinking of what society says is a dream body, let me ask you:  What is your dream body?  Maybe you’d like to 30 pounds lighter or 2 dress sizes smaller.  Don’t worry about what others say you should look like.  What do YOU want to look like? 

After having a baby, I wanted to drop 3 sizes.  I not only visualized myself at that weight, I put a real picture together.  I took a picture from a magazine and put my head on it.  Actually, my husband did this at first as a joke and then it turned into something more!  I really did want to try to look as thin as the lady in my picture. 

Why don’t you try it?  Get a picture of your ideal body from a magazine or get an old picture of yourself before baby.  Put this picture where you can see it often and regularly visualize yourself at this goal weight. 

Put your mind to it and you will be unstoppable!

lwab-audio-cover-135Today’s tip is from Arlene’s audio course, Losing Weight After Baby: 31 Days to a New You.

Try it risk free and experience the breakthrough month you’ve been longing for.  It just takes five minutes a day!


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