Day 12 – A New Normal

red-apple-macro400What’s normal to you?  Going out to fast food twice a week?  Having dessert once a day?  Grabbing a few candies from your co-workers desk?

It’s easy to make bad habits and much harder to create good ones.  But as you make decisions to eat healthier and exercise more, you’ll be creating a new normal for yourself.   In time, your behavior will be like second nature and it won’t be such a struggle to get yourself to the gym or eat vegetables instead of fries. 

We used to have ice cream in the house all the time, but when we decided to get healthier, we realized our waistlines couldn’t afford that daily temptation.  So now we just get it once in a while.  When it runs out, we’re done for a few weeks.  It’s normal now not to restock the ice cream when we hit the bottom of the carton. 

What’s a new normal you need to create in your family?  As you do create this new normal, you’ll be able to maintain your weight loss.  That’s something to cheer about in this yo-yo diet society!

lwab-audio-cover-135Today’s tip is from Arlene’s audio course, Losing Weight After Baby: 31 Days to a New You.

Try it risk free and experience the breakthrough month you’ve been longing for.  It just takes five minutes a day!


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