Day 18 – Exercise Excuses Unraveled

boy-dumbbell-funny4001I’d like to exercise but I….

You fill in the blank. 

What is keeping you from exercising on a regular basis?  My guess is it’s a combination of time, money, desire and convenience.  Today it’s time to unravel those excuses. 

Let’s say, you say “It’s too expensive to get a gym membership or buy weights for home.”  You don’t have to spend money to be fit.  Walking and running is free; a jump rope is cheap, and workout DVD’s can be checked out at the library.

Whatever you’re thinking is the barrier between you and exercise, if you’re creative, you can find a solution.  After all, you’re a mom which means you’re a great problem solver!  We can be good at solving other people’s problems while being completely stuck in our own. 

Take time today to analyze your exercise excuse.  What’s really keeping you from moving more?  Think of creative solutions today and go for it! 

lwab-audio-cover-135Today’s tip is from Arlene’s audio course, Losing Weight After Baby: 31 Days to a New You.

Try it risk free and experience the breakthrough month you’ve been longing for.  It just takes five minutes a day!


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