Help! My Butt is Getting Bigger!

walking-ar-and-nOkay friends…I’ve just finished blogging for 31 consecutive days – phew!  Now I feel like I need a month off – ha! 

Of course, isn’t it just life, that I’ve been blogging about Losing Weight After Baby: 31 Days to a New You and I’ve personally got some weight to lose right now.  I gained about 5 pounds from all the Christmas eating in December.  Help!  My butt is getting bigger!

How did I get into this situation?  After all, I am the “losing weight after baby” mom! 

Well, I got used to more cheats than usual during the Christmas season and exercised less, so of course now it’s all catching up with me.  Now the average person wouldn’t know I have the 5 pounds to lose because I’m tall and I can hide it well.  But I confess to you my sister that half the pants in my closet are fitting too snug right now (uncomfortable after I zip…have you been there before?). 

So it’s time to lose the 5 pounds.  It took me 2 months to get here so I’m giving myself some time to get back.  I’d like to lose the 5 pounds in 6 weeks.  I’ll keep you posted about my progress and invite YOU to lose 5 pounds with me by March 15th. 

Here’s what I’ll do for starters and suggest you do the same:

  • Exercise at least 3 times a week, making sure that 2 of those times are cardio workouts
  • Chew gum instead of snack during my weakest time of day (afternoons when I write, I SNACK!) 

How are you losing weight right now?  Let’s encourage each other!


5 Responses

  1. I’ve been on Weight Watchers, but have also been making sure I exercise daily. This includes a stationary bike for 20 minutes, my treadmill, and Leslie Sansone walking videos (including one where I use free weights so that I’m getting a bit of strength training). Most days I do at least two of these workouts, but even if I get in only one, it’s better than nothing! Right now I have between 10-15 more pounds to lose so I’m all for losing 5 pounds with you by March 15th!

  2. I am with you. I commented a few weeks ago about my 5 pound gain over the holidays, and it has actually creeped up to 6 or 7 pounds! Yikes! I think once I go “off the wagon”, it’s really hard for me to get back on. I’m exercising like normal (I run 4-5 miles 6 days a week), but I also am eating everything in site – especially at night after the kids go to bed. I think our long, cold winter is having an effect on me emotionally, and I’m eating for comfort (we live in Minnesota, and it’s been SO COLD). I’m with you – 5 pounds by March 15! We can do it! I am planning a trip to AZ with my kids to visit my parents who winter down there, so that’s good motivation too. We will be going the 1st week in March, so I’d like to be swimsuit ready! (although they live in a retirement community, so I usually feel pretty good in my swimsuit since it’s all older folks!) 🙂

  3. I’m eating salad for dinner right now and glad for your post! You’re doing awesome with the daily exercise. Keep it up and we’ll both be 5 pounds lighter on March 15th!

  4. I love your comment – it’s the truth about getting off the wagon and then getting back on. You will get back by March 15th in time for the AZ vacation!

  5. I would love to find a one shot pill that could help me shed my fat I seen this one Acia burn while surfing the net. I have been struggling for years to drop Butt size , and if these “one shot” pills worked I would be extremely happy. However I don’t believe any of them them. Can anyone prove me wrong? Or just point me in the right directing for a slimmer “Butt” without starvation

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