How a Poopy Diaper Will Help You Kick Your Chocolate Habit

My husband, kids and I went to our first baby shower for the whole family.  My husband feared he would drown in pink punch, baby ribbons and frilly girl talk, but he and the other guys there ended up having a blast. 


One of the games we played was the “poopy diaper” game.  There were 8 numbered diapers, and in each diaper, there was a different kind of candy bar smushed inside.  After I opened the first diaper, I thought “I CANNOT play this game!  Gross!” 

But after the shock of how realistic looking those candy bars were in those diapers, the game turned out to be fun.  (We guessed 6 out of the 8 diapers correctly!) 

So if you want to kick the habit of eating candy bars, just take one and smush it into your babies diaper.  Stare at it.  Then next time you look at a candy bar, remember the diaper.  Gross.  Instead of a positive feeling, your stomach will probably churn.  Repeat this process as necessary. 



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