It May Only Take a Spark, But My Matches are Wet!

mops-logoYesterday, I had the privilege of speaking at MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) at Journey Community Church.  My topic was “It May Only Take a Spark, But My Matches are Wet!”  Romance after baby can be difficult.  After all, you’re time and sleep deprived many days.  But sex is such an important part of a marriage.  We would be foolish to ignore the sexual needs of our husbands (and ourselves).  The spotlight shouldn’t just be on romance on Valentine’s Day, but several days throughout the year! 

Here are a few great quotes I used in my talk yesterday:

“When a man is in love and turned on by his wife, he is also totally entranced by the feminine beauty o fher body, regardless of where the media would rank it on a scale of one to ten.” – Dr. John Gray

“A man whose wife frequently denies him sex will first be hurt, then sad, then angry, then quiet.” – Dennis Prager

Let’s do our best all year long to show our husbands we care for them, inside and outside of the bedroom.

Hey MOPS moms…any fun conversations you can share?  Did you talk to your hubby about his favorite subject after coming to MOPS?  Please comment!

Arlene’s recommended reading list:

  1. Red Hot Monogamy by Pam and Bill Farrel
  2. Intimate Issues: 21 Questions Christian Women Ask About Sex by Linda Dillow and Lorraine Pintus
  3. Sex Begins in the Kitchen by Dr. Kevin Leman
  4. Is There Really Sex After Kids? by Jill Savage

Also, the podcast my husband is doing is called “The Christian Dad Podcast.”  Check it out on iTunes!


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