Why My 4-Year-Old Passed Up a Cookie!

our sonA few days ago, my friend baked us some cookies, each topped with a chocolate kiss.  She wrapped them up in a pretty box.  When my 4-year-old son opened them, he said, “Oh.  I’m not going to have a cookie because my dad can’t have one.  I just eat what he eats.” 

To say I was astonished is an understatement.

For a few weeks, my husband is skipping sugar, so my son knows that dad’s not eating cookies and ice cream.  So in an act of solidarity and love, my little preschooler refused a cookie.  He didn’t even seem disappointed.  He was so matter-of-fact.  “My dad can’t have one, so I won’t have one either.”

Now my son LOVES cookies so this was a big deal.  I was so proud of him at that moment and touched by his love for daddy. 

Doesn’t it go to prove that our kids will DO what we DO.  Set a good example and they WILL follow!


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