Traffic School!

checkered-flag350Yup.  Today I’m headed for traffic school.  What’s sad is that I got the ticket on my way home from Costco, going about 10 mph too fast down a big street near my house.  My 4-year-old had to go #2 and my 2-year-old needed a nap big time, so there I was going a little fast along my merry way and then bam!  I was hit by that police gun that tracks how fast you’re moving.

Well, I’m going to try to make the most of my day.  For starters, I’ll pack a lunch and snacks, because who knows what kind of food I’ll find there.  Next, I’ll try to wiggle my toes and rock my heels back and forth, not to be distracting, but to keep the blood circulating for hours while I sit there.  And lastly, I’m driving a lot slower these days.  The ticket and traffic school were very expensive, as in more than $300! 

It just reminds me that sometimes we get caught doing something we weren’t supposed to.  Getting caught can have positive impact in your life.  I’m sure I’ll be a better driver from polishing up on my driving rules today.  Is there anything you need to be “caught doing” in order to make some improvements?  (like diving into a carton of ice cream at midnight – ha!)


3 Responses

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