Sugar Spike!

donut210I teach a class for 3 year olds at my church.  Like many childcare places, we usually serve cheerios, cheez-its, or crackers for snack time.  But we just had a birthday party and served litte cupcakes. 

The organizer was already pretty conservative…the cupcakes weren’t full size.  They were those mini-muffin size and they weren’t frosted.  They had a few sprinkles on each. 

After church, one of the moms was having trouble with her daughter and she asked her, “What snack did you have at church?”  She answered, “A cupcake!”  That mother knew what the problem was – a quick spike in sugar and then the drop afterwards. 

When I explained to that mom that the cupcake was for a special occasion, she understood but was still frustrated.  Understandably, she didn’t want to have to bear the wrath of the sugar spiked toddler!

There are some times when you can’t help it that your child gets a sugary treat (like when you leave them at a party or with a friend etc), but there are lots of times when you as the mom can be the gatekeeper for your child.  Skip the sugar whenever you can, for yourself and your kids!


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  1. I was thinking about the same thing recently, what to do to celebrate birthdays. We bought a small size muffin pan so that we control our portions. I agree with your post, you can control all of your sugar intake and most of your family’s.

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