What’s Wrong with Sugar Anyway?

heart boxLast post, I talked about the toddler who received a cupcake in class and totally crashed with her mom afterwards.  Sugar and meltdowns go hand in hand for kids!  Adults may not meltdown quite as badly as toddlers, but sugar is bad for us too.  How come?

When we eat too much sugar, too much glucose enters our bloodstream and our system responds by releasing a large amount of insulin because it thinks we eaten a huge amount of food.  This rapid rise and fall in blood glucose isn’t good for our health or eating habits. 

When you raise your insulin level, you depress your immune system, making you more susceptible to disease.  Insulin also promotes the storage of fat which is something nobody wants to store! 

So even though it tastes good going down, sugar is a bitter pill in the end.  Try to decrease the amount of sugar you and your kids have today.  Instead of soda, have water.  Instead of a chocolate covered protein bar, grab an apple.  Small changes make a big difference when done consistently!


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