When It’s Not Working

gym-350Several months ago, I got a gym membership to LA Fitness.  At first I was very excited about going to new classes like kickboxing and dropping my kids off at the Kids Club.  It seemed like a great arrangement.

But there was one problem.

After a few months, my enthusiasm waned.  The Christmas holidays were here and I was so busy.  Then I didn’t want the kids to get sick by catching a bug at the Kids Club.  So for several weeks, my attendence was anemic at best. 

(Yes, I know this is like true confessions from Losing Weight After Baby.  Like don’t I read my own stuff about making time for exercise???)

So after evaluating my poor performance at the gym, I’m heading back to a spin class that I used to attend.  I have to pay about $6.00 per class, but at least I actually go since I’m paying per class like that!  The big draw is that I will attend with my mom.  I will pick her up and we’ll hold each other accountable.  We used to do this before I made the break to the gym.  Next Thursday, I’ll be back in spin class and I’m excited.

See, I had a plan that wasn’t working.  I wasn’t motivated enough to go to the gym by myself.  So I canceled my membership and will go to spin class instead.  When something’s not working in your exercise routine, instead of banging your head against the wall, ask yourself, “Could I do something different?”  When it’s not working, it’s time to move on to another solution that works for this exact time in your life.  The solutions will change as the seasons of our lives change, but if you’re flexible and open to change, you can find something that works!


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