The Dangers of Driving While Hungry!

drive-thru-sign100I find that when I’m with my kids, it’s easier to make healthy food choices.  I don’t want them eating french fries and ice cream all day!

But yesterday, on a somewhat rare occasion, I was in the car by myself in the evening.  Remember I’m 10 weeks pregnant and I dreamt of all the eating places I could go to.  Did I still have that free coupon for a Frosty at Wendy’s?  (Luckily I didn’t!).  Should I drive thru fast food for a 99 cent burger?  Oooh, the donut shop is still open.  I’ve been craving donuts but donuts at night are probably not a good idea.  If I’m going to splurge like that, I better have a fresh donut in the morning! 

After contemplating all these things while I was driving, I realized I better just drive home!  I reminded myself of how yummy the food might taste going down, but then how miserable I would feel after, both physically and emotionally. 

So I’m happy to say I had some honeydew melons at home, and then some chicken and rice, and then….oh yeah, 4 wheat thins with jalapeno jelly 🙂   (That’s especially yummy with cream cheese too)

Beware of driving when hungry!  When you find yourself in that situation, either get home without being distracted or stop for a healthy snack or meal.


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