Tap Into Your Personality Strengths

kid-swimmer-400I recently met a mom who loved competitive sports.  She had always been active on swim teams, rowing teams, etc.  But since having 2 kids and working full time, she had given up on that part of her old life.  But like many moms, she still wanted to lose those last 15 pounds or so. 

My advice to her?  Get into a competitive sport!  Make time for it!  She loves the camaraderie and competition with others.  Whether it’s a boot camp type exercise program with a team of people, or a group kick boxing class, or a joining a weekly volleyball game, find something that involves other people.

When she taps into her strengths, she will look forward to playing sports with others (which will make her feel happier) plus she’ll blast her way through those last stubborn pounds.

Don’t buy into the lie that once we’re moms, we have to give up passions like sports etc.  As you make time for these things in your life, you will be more fulfilled and healthier, and an overall better mom and role model for your children.  Of course, keep balanced, you shouldn’t be doing sports 4 days a week to the detriment of your children!

Now if you’re like me, sports is not a draw.  I’m not coordinated and I’m always afraid of letting the team down by dropping the ball.  So if you invited me to be a part of your team, it would be an easy answer – no thanks!  So for me, I like working out in groups (spin class is my favorite) or working out alone at home. 

Tap into your personality strengths when it comes to exercise, and you’ll be able to sustain your exercise program much longer.


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