5 Tips to Keep Moving

Since I’m 12 weeks pregnant, I’m having a hard time moving these days.  I like to shift my weight from one side of the couch to the other, and that’s about it! 

Do you ever feel like that?  Like you know you should be movin’ and groovin’, but you just feel like laying around instead?

Well, whether you’re pregnant or not, here are 5 tips to help you get moving this week:

1.  Get a workout partner.  Left on your own, it’s hard to exercise consistently every week.  But with a partner, your chance of success with skyrocket.  Case in point?  I’m in spin class 2 times a week with my mom right now.  Without her…I’d be on the couch! 

2.  Check it off on your calendar.  Put a red X through the days when you exercise.  As you mark it, you acknowledge that exercise is an important part of your schedule.  When you look at the month and all your red X’s, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment! 

mp3-player3.  Get some great music.  Workout to music that you love.  Download some new music for yourself and enjoy listening during your workouts. 

4.  Buy something to help your workouts.  Maybe you need a heart rate monitor, yoga mat, or new pair of tennis shoes. 

5.  Get competitive.  Training for a walk, bike ride, event, or competition can breathe new life into your workout regimen.


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