Don’t Give In, God Wants You to Win!

thelmaLast week, I had the pleasure of hearing author and speaker Thelma Wells at a Women in Christian Media event in San Diego.  She is a 68 year old powerhouse!  Her latest book is titled, Don’t Give In, God Wants You to Win!

When I walked into the meeting, I was so tired.  My pregnant self doesn’t do well in the evenings.  But as I sat in that chair and listened to “Mama T” share her story, my spirit was lifted.  I laughed at her stories and marveled at her strength.   She was born to an unwed teenager and raised by her great-grandparents.  But when she was watched by her grandmother, she was severely neglected, locked in a dark stuffy closet all day.  As a girl, she would sing herself to sleep in that closet.   

Yet with all these difficulties, she grew up to be a trailblazer for black women, becoming a prominent storyteller, speaker and author.   

We all need to hear a message of hope.  It doesn’t matter where you start.  It just matters where you end up.  When you feel like giving up on your dreams, whether it’s about your dream body, your marriage, your kids, or your career, remember – DON’T GIVE IN, GOD WANTS YOU TO WIN!


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