Pregnancy Appetite!

Too bad I’m not one of those women who feel sick and can’t eat during the first trimester.  I’m the woman who eats every 2 hours.  The things that sounds good?  In-n-Out cheeseburgers with grilled onions, cookies, Sun chips, cookies, and did I say cookies? 

Since I’m pregnant, I have an “excuse” to eat for a while, but I am trying to eat as healthy as possible knowing (1) fruits are much better for my baby than chocolate chip cookies, and (2) when I’m trying to lose this baby weight afterwards, it’s going to be a lot harder to skip all these treats if I overdo it now. 

Whether we’re pregnant or not, we often give ourselves license to eat.  You’ve had a stressful day in the office or with the kids.  You worked out so hard so you deserve that bowl of ice cream.  It’s that time of the month so let’s head to See’s Candies.  Sound familiar?

In that moment, let’s (me included) remember this picture:


Okay, I’m pregnant, so at first I thought, “Cool!” 

But after looking again, I say, “Yuck!”   

Don’t let your appetite get the best of you or else you’ll regret eating a skyscraper of a sandwich.  Whenever you want a good visual picture of why you shouldn’t overeat or visit fast food places too much, just look at this picture and think of how you would feel after eating all that.  Pass the Mylanta.


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