Help! I Can’t Zip Up My Pants!

My belly is growing with my little growing baby at 13 weeks and I’m extremely grateful.  After having 2 miscarriages, having a healthy baby at this point is something I don’t take for granted.  And I suppose that should help me feel better when I walk into my closet – a source of great frustration these days.  I’m not yet ready to put on the maternity clothes but I’m too big to zip most of my pants.  Two pairs of elastic waist, yoga type pants have become my wardrobe of late. 


I know many of you reading this blog can relate.  You have pants hanging in your closet that you would love to wear but you can’t quite zip them up.  I mean you can, but if you want to be halfway comfortable and to be able to sit down ever in your life while wearing them, you have to lose a few inches first. 

Here are a few tips from my audio course, Losing Weight After Baby: 31 Days to a New You

1.  Take out a pair of pants that are your next size down.  These may not be your “ultimate skinny jeans” but they are your next step. 

2.  Try these pants on once a week.  Pick a day of the week like Sunday where you will make it a ritual to put these on.

3.  Chart your progress mentally.  Are they getting easier to put on?  Great!  Are they the same each week?  Then you need to change something up in your eating or exercise to lose some weight.  Is it getting harder to put them on?  Then it’s definitely time to buy my course! 🙂 

4.  Celebrate when you can put them on and wear them in public! 

DON’T GIVE UP!!!  If you keep this ritual up and you’re proactive about losing the weight, you will be wearing those pants in a matter of weeks.  That victory will encourage you and fuel your desire to lose even more weight!

So when you can’t zip up your pants, don’t just buy new pants in a bigger size.  Work hard to get back into those pants and enjoy the sweet happiness of success!


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