Happy Anniversary!

seal-familyThis month, my parents celebrated their 39th wedding anniversary.  Their love has been a wonderful example to me through the years.  We actually gave them a cruise for their anniversary…a 90 minute cruise on the SEAL tour! 


It was very grandparent-esque.  The SEAL boat is a “Hydra-Terra” that acts as a bus on land and a boat on sea.  We had so much fun touring San Diego together on their special day.  Even though my daughter isn’t smiling (she looks more seasick doesn’t she?), she did have a lot of fun. 

As I think of a happy marriage that can stand the test of time, I think an important ingredient is always considering your spouse’s needs.  For my husband, I know it’s important to him for me to look my best and be at a healthy weight.  While I’m pregnant, he understands when “there’s more of me to love everyday.”  🙂 

Do you need some extra motivation to lose those baby pounds?  How about thinking of your 39th wedding anniversary.  How much do you want to weight at that time?  Today is the day to work towards your health goals.   Don’t procrastinate anymore.  The great habits you build today will bless you and your spouse in the decades ahead! 

If you need some extra help, MAY can be your breakthrough month.  Give yourself a great Mother’s Day present and order my audio program Losing Weight After Baby: 31 Days to a New You today.   



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