How to Be a Woman of Confidence

wocflyerimgI have a wonderful mentor Pam Farrel who has taught me so much about writing a book (she’s written more than 25!).  I’m reading her latest book from Harvest House Publishers titled, Woman of Confidence: STEP into God’s Adventure for Your Life.  I have thoroughly enjoyed it so far.  Today I read: 

“When a woman truly believes God loves her completely, thoroughly, lavishly and unwaveringly, she will never be the same.  She will have the ability to step out and risk, knowing that God and all His power and character will carry her.”

I want to be able to step out and risk something great once in a while!  🙂 Chances are you do too, so that’s why I think you would like this book.

If  you order Woman of Confidence before May 10 (hmm…Mother’s Day gift?), you’ll be able to enter a drawing for a free vacation in San Diego (transportation to San Diego not included, although you do get a rental car for the weekend!).  And if you live in San Diego, you’re invited to a book release party on May 11th at 6:30 pm at the Handlery Hotel.  Visit Pam’s website for more info.  I promise you will be encouraged and pushed out of your comfort zone in a good way to live the adventure you’re longing for.


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