5 Mother’s Day Gifts to Ask For

ideas210Mother’s Day is coming up – have you given your hubby hints to what you might like?  My request was very simple.  The other day I was grilling and brushing more marinade on the chicken when the brush part fell off the handle.  It was easy to rescue but it needs to be retired after 8 plus years of service to my family!  So I felt like a man saying, “THIS is what I want for mother’s day!” as I held up my wooden stick (minus the brush that had fallen off).  I want a grilling brush!

In this economy (and really in any economy), I’m not looking for expensive Mother’s Day gifts.  In fact, aren’t the best gifts in life free?  If you want to give your hubby some free ideas, I wrote about 5 of them in an article for EzineArticles.com.  Check out 5 Mother’s Day Gifts to Please Your Wife and pass it along!  You can blame me and email the article to your hubby 🙂


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