Staying Away from Starbuck’s


I told you last week I’ve gained 15 pounds in 17 weeks in my pregnancy, so the last thing I need is a grande Caramel Frappucino from Starbucks. But believe me, there have been times when I’ve craved one! But my husband and I are trying to be disciplined in our spending with home sales slowing down (my husband is a real estate agent). Pinching pennies has actually been very helpful for my waistline. I have only gone to Starbuck’s once, and that was to split a frappucino with my husband and it was our friend’s treat!

So if you’re in a savings mode, take heart! A tighter budget will keep you from getting a daily Starbuck’s fix which is a good thing. You’ll also save lots of money by skipping fast food and eating at home. If you have to stop for fast food on occasion, skip the meal deals. Instead go for the healthiest option on the dollar menu and just get $1 worth of food (don’t buy three $1 burgers for yourself – ha!).

Your dollars will go further at the grocery store and your waistline will shrink as a result!


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