Watching the Ironman

ironman-finishLast week my family was in Hawaii at the same time as the half Ironman.  Don’t let that “half” fool you…it’s one tough competition!  1.2 miles of swimming, 56 miles of biking and 13 miles of running (in the heat no less!).  We decided it would be neat to cheer some of the 1400 participants on so we headed to the finish line to see one of sports great events take place.


We had to laugh because we parked our car, used a shuttle and then sat on lovely hotel grounds eating snacks – this was our version of the Ironman!  Just getting the kids to where we needed to go in the heat 🙂  But really, it was inspiring to see these trained athletes just going for it.  One competitor we saw was 69 years old.  When we were driving, we passed this man without his legs doing the race.  We opened our car windows and cheered for him; he looked up at us and stuck out his tongue as if to say, “Phew, this is tough!”   Both my husband and I teared up – it was a moving moment to see this man with so many obstacles keep on keeping on!


So moms, this week if you feel like you have a lot of obstacles to your weight loss goals, think of the man doing the ironman solely using his upper body.  It doesn’t matter what your circumstance, it’s your mindset and attitude that matter most!


One Response

  1. Fun! We used to live on the island of Hawaii. Do they still hold it there?

    By the way, thanks for the encouragement as I work on those last 10lbs!

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