How to Look Great in a Bathing Suit


It’s summer which means it’s time to pull out that bathing suit.  This thought can strike terror into our hearts!  Why didn’t we get to the gym sooner?

Pictured is my 2 year old daughter who looks fabulous in her bathing suit.  Me?  Not so much with my growing thighs and pregnancy belly, but that’s what sarong wraps are for! 

So my daughter is happy, enjoying the beach, and believe me, she is not one bit self conscious about her body.  Take a lesson from your child and just have fun when you’re at the pool or beach.  Don’t think that everyone is staring at you because they are probably too self conscious about their own bodies to stare at yours. 

You can look great in a bathing suit by choosing one that flatters your figure best, and then don’t worry about it.  Smile and have fun!  If you’re not happy with how you look in your suit, use that as extra motivation to squeeze in an extra workout or skip dessert today. 

For more bathing suit tips, check out my article, Surviving Swimsuits.


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